Raj Ghuman Harjot Ghuman-Matharu

Producer and Host:
Raj Ghuman and Harjot Ghuman-Matharu

Air Days and Time:
Monday to Friday 4:00 - 5:00 PM

Twitter @fulkariradio

Program Synopsis:

From the co-host for Sargam Radio on CJMR 1320 for over 10 years, Raj Ghuman has now begun a new journey with Fulkari Radio. Full of vibrancy and colour, this program airs from 4-5 PM and is the first of its kind in the South Asian media. Tagging up with her daughter, Harjot Ghuman-Matharu, the mother-daughter team brings a new, fresh, and exciting show that tries to bridge the generational gap between immigrant and first-generation Canadians. Raj Ghuman, who holds a Master’s degree in Vocal Music, and Harjot Ghuman-Matharu, who holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies and English, strive to eliminate possible stereotypes each generation has of the other while creating entertaining content for all the listeners to enjoy.

Raj Ghuman is a Punjabi icon as a singer with 7 albums in the music market and over 16 years in the GTA media. She has become a household name in Punjabi homes across southern-Ontario as well as throughout the world. As an artist, she has worked to highlight local talent and create quality segments that are both family-friendly and inspiring. Born and raised in the GTA, Harjot Ghuman-Matharu has stuck close to her roots by being involved in the community throughout her life. Acting in over 15 stage productions throughout Canada, performing and choreographing folk dance and song since the age of 8, and now pursuing writing and producing career, Harjot hopes to become a voice for a rising demographic of bi-cultural Canadians.

Fulkari Radio is a colourful program in which a key element is the originality of the topics. Each day, the show begins with a religious segment of the Hukumana Sahib that is sung and then explained in Punjabi and English by the hosts Raj and Harjot. This Hukumnama Sahib is the spiritual lesson daily updated from the Sikh holy city of Amritsar, India. The program is then followed by original content that is both entertaining yet informative. On Mondays, listeners are encouraged to call in live to the show and display their talents like singing, poetry, exhibitions, or even their talent that they are now using for their own businesses. Tuesday’s program is Filmi Rang. This show is the latest in Bollywood and Hollywood news and songs. On Wednesday, Ik Sheyer, Ik Geet, Ik Gal is presented with a poem, song, and opens up discussion on a certain topic. Thursday’s Rishtyan Di Parikarma highlights the different aspects of the relations we hold dear that make our lives more meaningful. Finally on Friday we celebrate! This day is a fun day that appreciates the efforts each person has put into their work week. We play originally performed Jokes and Skits by the Fulkari Team as well as play upbeat party songs to get everyone in the mood for a great weekend.

For more information, please call the Fulkari Team at (647) 457-1320
(416) 970-1320. Or you can email at fulkari1320@gmail.com.