Radio Parvasi

Rajinder Saini

Producer and Host:
Rajinder Saini

Air Days and Time:
Monday to Friday 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Program Synopsis:

The programme "Radio Parvasi" is part of the well renowned 2006 Peel Regional Police award winning Parvasi Media Group. After the overwhelming success of Parvasi Weekly Newspaper (Toronto / Vancouver / Calgary) and Parvasi Magazine (North America and India editions), Radio Parvasi was launched in August 2004 for the Punjabi / South Asian community of Canada. Radio Parvasi is favourite a radio programme of the vast Punjabi community settled in Ontario.

Radio Parvasi is proud to be the first Punjabi programme of the day on CJMR. Radio Parvasi is a "News and Information based programme" that relates to each and every listener. The beauty of Radio Parvasi is that from the first moment it keeps listeners glued to the radio with an unbiased presentation of news and topics. Radio Parvasi host a combination of interesting topics which include tips on Religion, Government Rules and Regulations, Education, Health, Savings, Investment, Immigration, Insurance, Mortgage, Safety and Social Importance. The programme is a combination of current issues related to the Indo-Canadian community, with News, Reviews, Discussions and Music. The outline of the radio programme is as follows:

a) Shabad or Religious Song.
b) Today's Weather and Traffic report.
c) Programme Detail and brief of day's programme.
d) Live News from Parvasi bureau, Chandigarh, India.
e) Hot Topic of the day related to Indo Canadian community and Discussion on the current topic.
f) Talk show with celebrity / leader or related person.
g) Taking listeners call during the discussions.
h) Live day's hot News Analysis by SHAMEEL from India.
i) Song of the day.