Sadda Virsa - Our Heritage

RJ Aman

Producer and Host:
RJ Aman

Air Days and Time:
Saturday 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Program Synopsis:

After co-hosting on Apna Punjab radio for over a year and with the encouragement of family & listeners, Aman started a very exciting chapter in her life, producing & hosting her very own radio program Sadda Virsa - Our Heritage.

Aman delivers the program in Punjabi/Hindi and English so she can connect equally well with Wadde Bazurg to mere Hum-Umar to the little Munchkins across the GTA. "It is encouraging to hear that folks are enjoying my fresh urban presentation andaaz."

"Besides full masti and gup-shup, this program is my humble attempt to stay in touch with the strong roots that India/Pakistan provided and celebrate the wings that our new home - Canada has given us. Naal Virse de Jurr ke rahange per ethe di v gal karange."

"Through the program, we will inspire each other to BE better and DO better. We will draw inspiration from our scriptures - be it Shabad, Bhajan, Bible Verse, Quran di Aayat or a motivational quote."

Aman will chat with professionals from within the community to learn their secrets of success, which in turn will help everyone grow their skills & better integrate into mainstream community. She'll bring forward issues that pull the community back and hinder its growth - be it elder neglect, female foeticide, domestic violence, youth and drugs, bullying in schools or mental health.

"Naal di naal - aappan hassange, gavange and celebrate life in our very own desi style, for who knows - Kal ho na ho."

For more information, to give feedback or for promoting your business on Radio Sadda Virsa-Our Heritage, you can reach Aman at: 647.657.5757, or

"I look forward to connecting with you soon. Until then take care of yourself and your loved ones."