Sargam Show

Dr. Balwinder Singh SanDeep Kaur

Producer and Host:
Dr. Balwinder Singh

Air Days and Time:
Monday to Friday 5:00 - 6:30 PM


SanDeep Kaur

Program Synopsis:

Radio SARGAM has been on air since March 27th, 2000 - hosted by Dr. Balwinder Singh & SanDeep Kaur.

The programme is produced and directed by Dr. Balwinder Singh - who has a Ph.D. degree in Mass Communication, which he earned from the prestigious Centre for Mass Communication Research, University of Leicester, UK. Besides his interest in research, he taught journalism and broadcasting to the university students from 1982 till 1997 (He was Associate Professor of Journalism at the PAU Ludhiana). Covering various topics of Journalism & Communication, he attended five international conferences, viz., in Sydney (Australia), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Dublin (Ireland), Coventry and London (England). Dr. Balwinder was selected as an associate of Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Simla, Himachal Pradesh, India for a period of three years. He also founded a weekly newspaper - The Toronto Tribune - in September 1999 and remained its editor for eight years.

SanDeep Kaur holds a Master's degree in Fine Arts. While she has done numerous sketches, paintings and murals, she has been publishing her poetry in many newspapers, including the Toronto Tribune. Her weekly column of poetry, along with a complementary artwork, drawn by her, won her great appreciation from readers. SanDeep has also been associated with a TV network Global Punjab, where she worked as a news anchor.

The programme SARGAM is a combination of music, news, views and literary issues. News bulletin, specifically covering local events, is broadcast daily during the show. It is professionally prepared and presented by SanDeep Kaur.

On certain days, discussions are held on topical issues related to the community at large. Each day is dedicated to a special segment around which the whole programme is weaved, including the one exclusively meant for the ladies. No wonder, the programme is widely listened to and appreciated by thousands of listeners having their roots in the Indian sub-continent. The timing of the programme - 5 to 6:30 pm - is a big advantage, both to the hosts and the business community when most of the listeners are driving on roads and highways, though a substantial segment of the audience also prefers to tune in the programme whilst doing their home chores.

Our endeavour is to educate the listeners on various subjects ranging from education, health, immigration, insurance, investment, savings, credit counseling, governance, and myriad other topics related to politics, religion and of social importance. The programme always begins with religious sermons (taken from the holy Guru Granth Sahib), sung by various 'raagis' or explained in a simple way by Bhai Guljar Singh, a very prominent preacher.

Radio SARGAM has always actively participated in raising funds through radio-thons. Along with the other media, it helped raise millions of dollars for the Credit Valley Hospital, Civic Hospital, Sikh Spiritual Center, Ontario Khalsa Darbar, Seva Food Bank, World Vision, as well as for the victims of Gujarat, Kashmir and Haiti earthquakes.

For more information, please call the Radio Sargam at Dr. Balwinder at (416) 737-6600 or SanDeep at (647) 678-0077. Or you can email at The studio line during each weekday broadcast is (905) 230-1340.